Treaty of Troyes and use the following article to write the post:? Treaty of Troyes: Hundred Years’ War General Resources – Reference Articles Concluded in May 1420 at Troyes, a t

1-Create a 350 to 400 word article disccussion post on the following: Treaty of Troyes and use the following article to write the post: 

Treaty of Troyes: Hundred Years’ War

General Resources – Reference Articles

Concluded in May 1420 at Troyes, a town on the Seine in northeastern France, the Treaty of Troyes was a historic Anglo-French accord whereby of England became regent and heir to the throne of France. By creating the prospect of a dual monarchy within the English , the treaty promised an end to both the and the .

In the spring of 1418, , recaptured Paris, driving out Dauphin Charles and his Armagnac supporters and regaining custody of . Since the English victory in 1415, the civil war between Burgundians and had divided the French nobiility. In September 1419, during the to discuss reconciliation, the dauphin’s men murdered John, thereby thrusting , the new duke of , into firm alliance with England and allowing Henry to denounce the dauphin as unfit to inherit the Crown of France.

On December 2, after a month of negotiations with the English, Philip announced his willingness to recognize Henry as Charles’s rightful heir. Although ambivalent about the prospect of English rule, Philip found it preferable to acknowledging his father’s murderer as king. In January 1420, Henry dispatched representatives to the French court in Troyes and authorized them to draft a formal agreement. This document was ready by early May, when all parties agreed to meet in Troyes to ratify the treaty.

Largely dictated by Henry, the terms of the agreement called for his marriage to Charles’s daughter, , whom Henry took without a dowry; his recognition as Charles’s heir in place of the dauphin, who was thereby disinherited; and his exercise of the French regency until Charles’s death. The treaty envisaged a union of Crowns, a dual monarchy, not a union of kingdoms. France and England would retain separate administrations, laws, and institutions, but the dispute over the French Crown and over the status of English territories in France would be resolved—the king of England and his heirs would rule all.

On May 20, Philip met Henry outside Troyes and conducted him to a meeting with Charles, his wife Queen Isabella of Bavaria, and their daughter Catherine. Next day, Henry arrived at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Troyes with a party of about 400. Isabella and Philip, acting as deputies for Charles, who was too ill to attend, led a French party of similar size. The text of the treaty was read at the high altar, each party giving assent thereto, and the seals of each king were affixed to the document, with Henry employing the seal had used to ratify the 60 years earlier. Led by Philip, the nobles present swore to uphold the treaty (that is, to recognize Henry as heir to the throne) and to obey Henry as regent. Peace between the two realms was then officially proclaimed in both French and English. Next, Henry and Catherine were solemnly betrothed, with the wedding ceremony following on June 2 at the Church of St. John in Troyes.

The treaty was widely if not enthusiastically accepted in Paris and most of the English and Burgundian regions of northern France, where war weariness and economic distress made the conclusion of peace, on whatever terms, a welcome prospect. However, in most of the realm south of the Loire, loyalty to the dauphin was equally widespread, if often equally unenthusiastic, and the treaty was repudiated there as a settlement forced upon a captive king. How well the treaty would have worked is hard to say, for, to everyone’s surprise, Henry predeceased his father-in-law, dying at the end of August 1422. When Charles VI died in the following October, the Treaty of Troyes made a nine-month-old infant, , ruler of both kingdoms, a circumstance that reinvigorated both the war and the dauphin’s cause.

John A. Wagner

Further Reading

Allmand, Christopher. Henry V. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993; Perroy, Edouard. The Hundred Years War. Translated by W. B. Wells. New York: Capricorn Books, 1965.

MLA Citation

Wagner, John A. “Treaty of Troyes: Hundred Years’ War.” World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society, ABC-CLIO, 2024, Accessed 19 June 2024.

Additionally, Your article discussion post  discusses  the information supplied in the reference article  plus finding one other source (Preferably a primary source)  along with the last paragraph of your post is explaining what you learned about this event, era and military history. 

Incorporate the following as well: You will discuss:

Who was involved?

What happened?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?

How did the action develop?

Why did things progress as they did?

What was the significance of the action?

While answering these questions in your post, you will take in consideration : Military theory and doctrine, Military professionalism, Strategy, Tactics, Logistics and Administration, Technology, Political factors/Diplomacy, Social factors/Culture/Religion, and Economic Factors.

2-Create a 350 to 400 word writing assistance research involves researching a battle or a military engagement and  writing a  detailed summary writing assistance.  The writing assistance  will focus one one Ancient (Before the Fall of Rome)  battle or military engagement that you researched. 

You must reference using one of the three formats and following your major’s designated style:  APA MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES! 

The following should be addressed in your writing assistance:

Describe the historical context in which the battle occurred.

Describe the key leaders for both sides of the battle and the decisions they made which affected the outcome of the battle.

Describe the military groups, discussing the types of soldiers/sailors, the numbers who fought, specific groups for both sides of the battle.

Describe the technology used, the weapons and new items introduced to this battle.

Address the who, what, when, where and whys.

Include influences- how the conflict affected the entire global society, politics, economics, the people and the culture

Address the overall significance of the battle in regards to the outcome of the larger conflict.

YOU CHOOSE the battle as long as it follows the guidelines of a battle before  476 A.D.


3- Create a 300 word discussion post on the following: Find a news article or government report from the last four weeks that demonstrates the policy process in action, and then explain how and which part of the process it demonstrates. The article must be about any country other than the United States.

You must provide references and sources. 


    Treaty of Troyes and use the following article to write the post:? Treaty of Troyes: Hundred Years’ War General Resources – Reference Articles Concluded in May 1420 at Troyes, a t

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